Blood Test is one of the best ways to assess your pet’s health and detect any underlying conditions. Cats and dogs are masters at hiding signs of illness in their early stages, long before physical symptoms are present. Yet, with blood work, we get a glimpse of what’s going on beneath the surface and can detect illness in its earliest stages—and treat it before it gets worse. We know that being able to quickly process lab work can lead to quicker diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

Our in-house laboratory allows for rapid analysis of routine blood, urine, feces and cytology samples. Blood sample diagnostics evaluates the types and levels of various cells and proteins within the circulation. These results are instrumental in assessing organ function, response to medications and the overall health of your pet. Similarly, urine samples provided key insight into kidney function, possible infections, and progression of chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Fecal results can be screened in-house for signs of parasites or bacterial growth.

Our hospital is also equipped to perform basic in-house cytology, reviewed by our veterinarian. For more specialized tests, we utilize various trusted external veterinary reference laboratories, ensuring that your pet receives a detailed diagnosis. Book an Appointment


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